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Jennifer is a bilingual marketing professional with proven experience in planning content and launching digital campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Social Media Content for Cafe Bustelo

Objective & Brand Mission: Become the coffee of choice for Latinx Millennials in the forms that they seek.

The Goal: Increase awareness and consideration among Latinx Millennials.

What I Did: Generated awareness and increased engagement through a playful viral trend called 'The Mannequin Challenge.' The video was created in-house and posted organically in real-time on social media as a way to celebrate 'Cafecito Time'.

The Result: Sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, our video generated more engagement than our quarterly planned content by 30% and proved that our execution of this trend aligned well with our audience and our brand personality.

Bring Art Back To Schools for LIFEWTR

What We Found: Over 80% of schools face budget cuts with art classes often being the first to go.

The Goal: Increase awareness on the importance of arts education and sponsor multiple art initiatives across the country in partnership with Scholastic.

What I Did: Launched pre-rolls of our existing TV spot across social media, created social media content to amplify the discussion including a series of creative challenges for followers to participate on Instagram Stories and worked with local artists, and influencers to increase awareness.

The Result: Our campaign reached over 10M impressions online, and generated buzz with our sponsored segment on Good Morning America featuring our celebrity influencer, Lucy Liu.

Share Music Moments for The Alzheimer's Association

What We Found: Families of people who suffer from Alzheimer's often share stories of how music has brought back special memories for their loved ones even for just a moment.

Campaign Mission & Objective: Raise awareness of Alzheimer's and show how the disease affects memory loss.

What I Did: Partnered with artists to recreate special music moments of all-time hit songs. Created snippet videos for social media of artists talking about the songs that are special to them. Launched a Twitter campaign to raise awareness of The Music Moments album our followers can stream and share across social media.

The Result: The campaign generated more discussion than our research content and resonated well with our followers during the pandemic lockdown which resulted in a 60% increase in donations during a very difficult time.